Laptops for KCK Students?

Looks like students in KCK may be getting laptop computers, courtesy of taxpayers:

The proposal calls for students at all five district high schools to receive a laptop that could be used in and out of the classroom. Students could take the machine home each night. The student and a parent or guardian must place a small insurance deposit on the machine.

The machines would be equipped with a GPS tracking device, much like the technology used to track vehicles. District officials can remotely disable and destroy a stolen laptop’s hard drive.

Board members have yet to approve the project. They made it clear at a recent board meeting that they had a lot of unanswered questions. While the discussion remained cautiously optimistic, most board members said they were not ready to move forward without more information.

Good idea? Or not. One answer to that question, at least, is unsatisfactory:

Board Vice President Linda Pendleton said “our kids are worth this,” but she told board members that a three-year lease made her uneasy.

Perhaps the computers are worthwhile. But simply saying that it’s “for our kids” isn’t enough of a reason–as the rest of the text indicates. There are lots of questions to ask, and it’s unclear from other locations (search the archives with the tag “technology”) that laptops are not a cure-all solution.

Source: Kansas City, Kan., parents will have chance to learn about laptop lending proposal, Kansas City Star, August 19

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