More on Teacher Recruitment

More on teacher recruitment and retention:

Posny said at the end of June, Kansas schools had 1,144 teacher vacancies out of 37,000 positions. That’s about twice as many vacancies as June 2006, she says.

A number of ideas are being floated, some good, some bad:

• Increasing teacher pay. Kansas ranks 38th in average teacher pay at $39,351 per year. The national average is $47,602.

• Increasing funding for mentoring programs where veteran teachers help new teachers.

• Financing “grow your own” programs where districts pay college tuition for para-professionals and others who want to become licensed teachers.

• Removing both salary limits and pension penalties for districts that hire teachers who have retired.

• Providing more flexibility in licensure regulations.

• Offering financial incentives to college students who commit to working in critical shortage subject and geographic areas.

How about this: Find out who the good teachers are, and pay them more.
Commission to address teacher shortage, Lawrence Journal-World, August 22.

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