USD 259 to Expand?

USD 259 wants to move northeast. Good or bad? The Eagle has the news:

Wichita public school officials on Tuesday asked the Bel Aire City Council if it would support the transfer of more than 10 square miles of land in a rapidly expanding part of northeast Sedgwick County from the Circle school district into USD 259.


The west side of town is in USD 259, but the largely undeveloped east half of the city is in the Circle school district. The east side of town is expected to develop rapidly in coming years.


The proposal will be strongly opposed by the Circle school district, Circle superintendent Eliese Holt told the council.

“I can tell you confidently tonight that a request to change the school boundaries in Bel Aire would receive a unanimous ‘no’ vote of the Circle board members,” she said.

USD 259 is offering the possibility of a new school building in the area.

Wichita district wants land in Bel Aire, August 22.

Update: The Arkansas Valley News (Valley Center) has more. (Bel Aire in the center of battle between two school districts, August 23):

Facing some pain in growth, USD 259 is looking to expand its district in two key areas: the northeast and southeast quadrants.


Here’s the rub: the city’s west side is in USD 259, but Bel Aire’s lesser developed east side is in USD 375. This portion, however, is expected to see rapid growth in the next few years.

The district’s growing pains are evident district wide and several schools have experienced steady growth in recent years, Brooks said.

The growth of USD 259 has caused plenty of “facility stress,” where a number of schools are already at or near capacity, Brooks added.

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