“Number one issue is poverty”

Speaking in Wichita, schools chief Alexa Posny said:

“To me, the No. 1 issue is poverty. We’re talking about kids in inter-generational poverty. It is a societal issue, it’s not just education. That is part and parcel of what we’re trying to deal with. In education we’re good, but I don’t know how much we can change society. And yet we’re preparing the future members of society. That’s why the urban issues are so important.”

We’re not sure what to make of this remark, except to point out that schools with wildly differing budgets can perform poorly–or exceptionally–in turning around the academic status of students.  ‘

One reason why some people are poor is that they feel helpless. Giving low-income parents some options in their schooling is one way of overcoming that helplessness, which will have good implications for both economic and educational success.
Wichita Eagle, August 28. Education official: Poverty is No. 1 issue

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