Ag Charter School Opens

We think that Kansas law is unnecessarily restrictive on charter schools. So much more could happen if visionary people were given a better policy climate.

A peek at what might happen comes to us in Harvey County:

WALTON, Kansas, Sept. 21, 2007 — With so many family farms struggling to survive, more young people are choosing careers outside agriculture. Now a new Kansas charter school is teaching the next generation how technology can not only make country living possible, but profitable.

As more than 100 elementary students head into school in Walton, they will actually spend little time behind a desk. Their classroom is the countryside of Harvey County. A walk in the fresh air starts their day and every subject they study ties into agriculture — now in the computer age.

The computer age tools used in the school include GPS, and math easily finds its way into the curriculum. Entrepreneurial abilities get a nod, too. But there’s not much of a web presence for the Walton 21st Century Rural Life Elementary.,

Source: Rural school promotes agricultural education, KSN-TV

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