Bonus Pay for Teachers?

From McPherson comes a step in the right direction Superintendent Dr. Randy Watson made an informal proposal for three possible means of instituting bonus pay:

The first area of the plan seeks to compensate teachers and coaches for honors earned such as Teacher of the Year or Coach of the Year. One case that Watson said would fit the criteria perfectly was when industrial arts teacher Arlan Penner received a Teacher of the Year award from SkillsUSA.

The plan could also compensate an entire school’s staff if student-testing results for that school reach a certain level such as Standards of Excellence on statewide assessment tests. Last year every school in the district reached a Standard of Excellence on at least one assessment test, according to Watson.

The final area is for a department or grade-level bonus plan for areas that excel such as a third-grade class or science department.

Watson seems to be on the right track:

“When we get into the dollar amounts, businesses are tied into the profits they make but school districts don’t make a profit. Here we would measure success by student achievement, which unfortunately is not tied at a state level to the amount of money you receive,” Watson said.

Source: USD 418 school board considers bonus pay for teachers, McPherson Sentinel, September 25. 2007

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