Charter Schools: Examples of Success

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools offers links to two new reports on examples of charter school success. From their newsletter:
Starting Fresh in Low-Performing Schools
This issue brief compiles highlights from a five-volume series called Starting Fresh in Low-Performing Schools published by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA). The document explains how education leaders are empowering schools to start fresh and gives an overview of the major components of a successful start fresh strategy. Starting fresh occurs when a district enters into a contract or charter with a provider that has authority over all critical aspects of a school’s policies and practices. The document profiles Seth McKeel Middle School, a once chronic poor performer in Polk County, Florida. The district converted it to a choice school and then to a charter school and it’s now one of the district’s highest rated middle-high schools.
Source: National Association of Charter School Authorizers

K-8 Charters: Closing the Achievement Gap
This new U.S. Department of Education publication highlights seven K-8 public charters achieving success at closing the achievement gap. As a group, they have created learning environments where historically underserved children are thriving. Schools featured in the guide are located in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, Ohio, and Texas.
Source: United States Department of Education

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