Charter Schools: What States Can Learn

The group Education Sector has a new report on innovation and learning in charter schools. It’s called A Sum Greater than the Parts. U.S. Charters.Org has a writeup:

A Sum Greater Than the Parts: What States Can Teach Each Other About Charter Schooling
This Education Sector report draws on a series of 12 studies that analyze charter schooling in eight states and four cities. The authors use these case studies to identify key legislative and regulatory changes needed to ensure the quality and growth of a state’s charter sector, including: (1) establishing high-quality “professional” authorizers that are committed to charter school quality and have authorizing as their core mission; (2) relying on effective authorizing rather than regulation to ensure charter school quality; (3) using public oversight and accountability for both charter schools and authorizers; (4) ensuring ample, high-quality student-performance data for both charter and traditional public schools; (5) refraining from placing absolute caps on the number of charter schools that can open within the state; and (6) providing equitable funding for charter schools, including start-up and facilities funding.
Source: Education Sector

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