Where are Charter Schools Used the Most?

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is out with a list of the cities which make the most use of charter schools. We did not expect to see Kansas (with its crippled law on the subject) to be on the list, and sure enough, it wasn’t.

New Orleans lead the pack, with 57 percent of students in charter schools there. (No surprise, given that Hurricane Katrina disrupted everything in the city).

Other cities include Southfield, Michigan; Dayton, Ohio; Washington, DC; Pontiac, Michigan; Youngstown, Ohio;  and Detroit, (all with rates of 20 percent or more). Kansas City, Missouri, checked in at 20 percent as well.

The cities on the list ranged in size from just over 10,000 to over 200,000, showing that charter schools aren’t limited to any particular size of city. (Of course, many smaller cities also have charter public schools; they just don’t have enough market penetration to make the list.)

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