Education Reform Key to Economic Success

The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley had an interview with the CEO of Netflix, one of the most innovative companies of our day. The subject turned to education, with Riley asking Reed Hastings why so many executives of tech companies–John Doerr (venture capitalist on the board of Google), Gordon Moore (Intel), Scott McNealy (Sun), Steve Jobs (Apple), Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google), John Chambers (Cisco), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Paul Allen (Microsoft) and Tim Draper (multiple ventures)–are focused on education reform.

The response:

“”I think it’s because everyone succeeded for the most part, not because of inherited wealth — they’re not old dynasties — but because of their education. It’s a group that’s extremely aware of the enormous impact a great education makes in terms of opportunity.”

Hastings, by the way, is an enthusiastic backer of charter schools.

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