Demand for Charter Schools Up, Supply Not

In the last year, only one of 22 proposals for charter schools in New Jersey has gone forward, according to the Newark Star-Ledger.  The others were “disqualified immediately as incomplete or fell short under the state’s review, officials said.”

“The growth in the number of schools and students served has slowed in the last several years, at the same time the number of applications has risen and waiting lists at existing schools continue to balloon.

Yesterday, the leader of the state’s charter school association said she was worried that so few new schools will be opening at a time that their popularity is spreading.

“We want to see a very strong and vigorous movement,” said Jessani Gordon, director of the New Jersey Charter Public School Association. “The need is definitely there, and we’re not able to meet the need.”

Officials cite the need to raise the bar for schools as one reason for the decline in the number of approvals. We suspect, though, that some students in the Garden State wish they could leave the schools they are in–schools that would not meet standards for new schools.

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