Georgia to Create New Charter School Board?

The state of Georgia is considering something that might be of interest to Kansans interested in charter schools:

After a lengthy, sometimes heated discussion Thursday, the state House of Representatives voted 119-48 to create the Georgia Charter Schools Commission.

Seventy-one charter schools are operating across the state this year, a relatively small number compared with Georgia’s more than 2,000 regular k-12 schools. If this bill becomes law, the number of charter campuses could grow substantially.  …

State Rep. Ed Setzler (R-Acworth), a supporter, said the commission was needed because local boards reject most applications.

“If you operate the only fast-food restaurant in town, would you be the appropriate authority to approve the Burger King that wants to move in across the street?” Setzler asked.

Under the bill, which now moves to the Senate for consideration, a potential charter school could go directly to the commission to gain approval.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, February 1, 2008

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