Virtual School Plan in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s fledging virtual schools were threatened by a court decision earlier this year, which said that existing practices violated state laws governing teacher certification and other matters. It looks like a legislative compromise will allow the schools to go forward.

In an editorial, the Wisconsin State Journal had this to say:

The bill announced Thursday would establish new virtual school standards that would allow the schools to remain open. The standards would address the court ‘s decision by ensuring that the primary instructors would be certified teachers. Under the standards, only certified teachers could develop lesson plans and grade assignments. Those teachers would be required to have at least 30 hours of training in online teaching. And teachers would have to respond to inquiries from parents and students within 24 hours during the work week.


Wisconsin cannot afford to stifle virtual schools with outdated legal requirements. The full Legislature should cram for quick passage of the compromise bill this spring.

Cram to pass online school bill, Wisconsin State Journal, January 26.

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