Performance Pay? A report in TIME

From the Center for Education Reform comes this news. Could it be part of the solution to the teacher shortage in Kansas?

PERFORMANCE PAY MERITS A CHANCE. “Across the country, hundreds of school districts are experimenting with new ways to attract, reward and keep good teachers…. But the idea gaining the most momentum – and controversy – is merit pay, which attempts to measure the quality of teachers’ work and pay teachers accordingly,” says Time Magazine this week with a cover story on what is perhaps the most important issue for public schools today. Veteran reporter Claudia Willis points out that standardized assessments today offer a “less subjective window onto how well a teacher does her job.” She contributes to the national debate by highlighting several promising programs in place across the country, including the innovative Teacher Advancement Program, a program out of the Milken Family Foundation, which encourages teachers to be innovative and promotes interaction and accountability among peers. If anyone doubts the power of performance-based pay, just listen to Denver teacher Taylor Betz: “Now I refuse to let kids fail,” she says. “I’m going to bulldoze whatever the problem is and solve it

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