The Opportunities Foregone

Advocates of increased funding for increased spending on schools sometimes get carried away. It is true that in general, a person who has an education is more productive than a person without one. This is particularly true for the K-12 level. (By contrast, drop-outs impose significant costs to society in terms of increased welfare usage, increased crime, and so forth.)

This does not mean, however, that any and all increases in school spending are profitable. First of all, money spent out of tax dollars is money that could have been used for starting a small business, paying raises to employees, or many other purposes.

In that light, it’s important that taxpayer money on K-12 education be spent as effectively as possible. This lesson, which should have been learned from the financial boondoggle and educational disaster that was the ramp-up of spending in the KCMO district, should be kept in mind at all times by both citizens and lawmakers.

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