Do School Choice Measures Mean “Giving Up?”

Our friends at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs report on a legislative plan to offer tax deductions to people who donate money to organizations that grant educational scholarships. The idea, according to proponents, is to make it easier for parents to find a more suitable setting for children who are in failing schools.

Opponents claim, on the other hand, that it’s important to keep those children in those failing schools because to do otherwise would be to “give up.”

Start for a minute with this question: If you had the means to move your children out of a school that isn’t working for you?

A Democratic state senator, who had been on the Tulsa school board for 16 years, voted in favor of the measure, and had some rather powerful words to say on the subject: “It was one of those relatively rare moments in politics, when a speech really does make a difference.”\

Another senator made this remark: “Children weren’t made for the public schools; public schools were made for the children.”

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