Here Today, Fad(ed away) Tomorrow

George F. Will takes on educational fads in a recent column available on Real Clear Politics.

An excerpt:

… the nation has expanded the number of teachers much faster than the number of students has grown. Hiring more, rather than more competent, teachers meant more dues-paying union members. For decades, schools have been treated as laboratories for various equity experiments. Fads incubated in education schools gave us “open” classrooms, teachers as “facilitators of learning” rather than transmitters of knowledge, abandonment of a literary canon in the name of “multiculturalism,” and so on, producing a majority of high school juniors who could not locate the Civil War in the proper half-century.

Reforms are necessary for the vitality of any endeavor, yet some reforms will be unsuccessful-remembered as fads. How to foster useful change and minimize the presence of wasteful fads? Diversification, diversification, diversification. Yet to much of education today takes a top-down approach.

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