Do the Catholic Schools Expel All Their Troublemakers?

Sometimes advocates of school choice are faced with this question: “Well, if private schools do better than public schools, it’s because they kick out all the troublemakers. What are you going to do about that?”

Cast aside for the moment the question of what can be done to make government-run schools more orderly places for learning. Is it in fact true that private schools expel a large number of children?

Bob Weeks, author of Voice for Liberty in Wichita, looks at the numbers of the Catholic schools in Wichita. He looked into the numbers, and reported this: “As it turns out, the average number of students expelled from the Wichita Catholic Diocese schools is a little less than five per year.”

That’s not very significant, especially when you consider that the diocese expels students at a much lower rate than USD 259 does.

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