Who’s Making Progress?

KSDE has released a list of schools and districts not making “Adequate Yearly Progress” as required by No Child Left Behind.

If one of the subgroups of students within a school (race, income, disabled, etc.) does not perform at the specified level of proficiency across the district, that school fails to make adequate yearly progress, or AYP.

If one of the subgroups of students across a district (race, income, disabled, etc.) does not perform at the specified level of proficiency across the district, that district fails to make adequate yearly progress, or AYP.

A total of 63 districts–a full 20 percent of all districts–fell afoul of the requirements one way or the other.

In 19 cases, the district as a whole as well as at least one of its school failed to make AYP.

In 31 cases, at least one school in the district failed, but the district as a whole made AYP.

In 13 cases, the district as a whole failed to make AYP, but each of its schools made AYP.

So as you can see, the difference is whether you look at particular schools or the district as a whole.


Not Making AYP, 2008 Edition
District No Name District fail? School No. School
D0202 Turner-Kansas City Yes 164 Turner Elem
D0202 Turner-Kansas City 167 Turner Middle School
D0204 Bonner Springs Yes 210 Bonner Springs Elementary
D0204 Bonner Springs 216 Edwardsville Elem
D0204 Bonner Springs 221 Robert E Clark Middle
D0207 Ft Leavenworth Yes All schools made AYP
D0210 Hugoton Public No 357 Hugoton Middle
D0213 West Solomon Valley Yes All schools made AYP
D0214 Ulysses Yes 450 Hickok Elem
D0214 Ulysses 444 Sullivan Elem
D0228 Hanston Yes All schools made AYP
D0233 Olathe No 865 Olathe South Sr High
D0243 Lebo-Waverly Yes All schools made AYP
D0246 Northeast No 1194 Northeast Elem
D0247 Cherokee No 1230 South East High
D0253 Emporia No 1406 Turning Point Learning Center
D0253 Emporia 1418 W A White Elem
D0257 Iola Yes 1562 Iola Middle School
D0259 Wichita Yes 1614 Adams Elem
D0259 Wichita 1646 Clark Elem
D0259 Wichita 1808 Curtis Middle School
D0259 Wichita 1660 Enterprise Elem
D0259 Wichita 1814 Hamilton Middle School
D0259 Wichita 1846 Heights High
D0259 Wichita 1628 Jackson Elementary
D0259 Wichita 1704 Kelly Liberal Arts Academy
D0259 Wichita 1718 Linwood Elementary
D0259 Wichita 1824 Mayberry Cultural Magnet Middle
D0259 Wichita 1837 Metro Blvd Alt High
D0259 Wichita 1742 Metro Meridian Alt High
D0259 Wichita 1852 Metro Midtown Alt High
D0259 Wichita 1838 North High
D0259 Wichita 1756 Park Elementary
D0259 Wichita 1840 South High
D0259 Wichita 1842 Southeast High
D0259 Wichita 1693 Spaght Accelerated Magnet
D0259 Wichita 1782 Stanley Elem
D0259 Wichita 1785 Stucky Middle School
D0259 Wichita 1834 Truesdell Middle School
D0259 Wichita 1844 West High
D0259 Wichita 1796 White Elem
D0259 Wichita 1833 Wilbur Middle School
D0260 Derby No 1926 Derby Middle Sch
D0261 Haysville No 1956 Campus High Haysville
D0261 Haysville 1961 Prairie Elementary School
D0265 Goddard No 2027 Goddard Middle School
D0266 Maize No 2050 Maize Sr High
D0287 West Franklin Yes 2559 Appanoose Elementary School
D0290 Ottawa Yes All schools made AYP
D0300 Comanche Co Yes All schools made AYP
D0305 Salina No 3026 Salina High Central
D0308 Hutchinson Yes 3102 Avenue A Elem
D0308 Hutchinson 3130 Hutchinson Middle School
D0308 Hutchinson 3114 Lincoln Elem
D0308 Hutchinson 3116 McCandless Elem
D0308 Hutchinson 3124 Wiley Elem
D0312 Haven Public Sc No 3241 Pleasantview Academy Grade S
D0330 Mission Valley Yes All schools made AYP
D0343 Perry Public Sc No 4029 Perry-Lecompton Middle
D0352 Goodland Yes 4224 Grant Junior High
D0353 Wellington Yes All schools made AYP
D0365 Garnett Yes 4590 Garnett Elem
D0367 Osawatomie No 4665 Osawatomie Middle School
D0369 Burrton No 4734 Burrton Elem
D0373 Newton No 4807 Santa Fe Middle
D0373 Newton 4799 Slate Creek Elementary
D0382 Pratt No 5090 Liberty Middle School
D0383 Manhattan-Ogden No 5130 Theo Roosevelt Elem
D0394 Rose Hill Public No 5374 Rose Hill Intermediate
D0395 LaCrosse No 5396 La Crosse Middle School
D0398 Peabody-Burns Yes All schools made AYP
D0402 Augusta No 5560 Augusta Middle School
D0404 Riverton No 5620 Riverton Elem
D0407 Russell County No 5722 Ruppenthal Middle
D0417 Morris County Yes All schools made AYP
D0418 McPherson No 6038 McPherson Middle School
D0420 Osage City Yes All schools made AYP
D0433 Midway Schools Yes 6428 Doniphan West Middle School
D0435 Abilene No 6475 Abilene Middle School
D0443 Dodge City No 6686 Dodge City High School
D0443 Dodge City 6684 Dodge City Middle School
D0445 Coffeyville Yes 6756 Community Elementary
D0445 Coffeyville 6770 Roosevelt Middle
D0446 Independence No 6828 Independence Middle
D0447 Cherryvale Yes All schools made AYP
D0450 Shawnee Heights No 6945 Shawnee Heights Middle
D0450 Shawnee Heights 6948 Tecumseh South Elem
D0453 Leavenworth Yes 7008 Earl M Lawson Elem
D0453 Leavenworth 7020 Leavenworth Sr High
D0453 Leavenworth 7026 Leavenworth Virtual School
D0453 Leavenworth 7018 Leavenworth West Middle School
D0453 Leavenworth 7022 Muncie Elem
D0453 Leavenworth 7016 Nettie Hartnett/Ben Day Elem
D0453 Leavenworth 7017 Richard W. Warren Middle School
D0457 Garden City Yes 7130 Garden City Sr High
D0457 Garden City 7138 Kenneth Henderson Middle
D0465 Winfield No 7331 Winfield Intermediate School
D0465 Winfield 7333 Winfield Middle School
D0467 Leoti No 7383 Wichita Co Jr High
D0476 Copeland Yes All schools made AYP
D0480 Liberal Yes 7715 Cottonwood Intermediate School
D0480 Liberal 7714 Garfield Elem
D0480 Liberal 7728 Liberal South Middle
D0480 Liberal 7730 Liberal West Middle
D0480 Liberal 7724 Southlawn Elem
D0495 Ft Larned No 8140 Larned Middle School
D0497 Lawrence No 8195 Deerfield Elem
D0497 Lawrence 8198 Hillcrest Elem
D0497 Lawrence 8200 Kennedy Elem
D0497 Lawrence 8214 Lawrence Central Jr Hi
D0497 Lawrence 8224 Lawrence Free State High
D0497 Lawrence 8218 Lawrence High
D0500 Kansas City Yes 8320 Argentine Middle
D0500 Kansas City 8324 Arrowhead Middle
D0500 Kansas City 8280 Central Elementary School
D0500 Kansas City 8316 Central Middle
D0500 Kansas City 8328 Coronado Middle
D0500 Kansas City 8331 D D Eisenhower Middle
D0500 Kansas City 8288 Emerson Elem
D0500 Kansas City 8329 F L Schlagle High
D0500 Kansas City 8294 Fairfax Campus
D0500 Kansas City 8308 Frank Rushton Elem
D0500 Kansas City 8332 Hazel Grove Elem
D0500 Kansas City 8290 John Fiske Elem
D0500 Kansas City 8342 Lindbergh Elem
D0500 Kansas City 8298 Mark Twain Elem
D0500 Kansas City 8303 Noble Prentis Elem
D0500 Kansas City 8305 Quindaro Elem
D0500 Kansas City 8321 Rosedale Middle
D0500 Kansas City 8282 Silver City Elem
D0500 Kansas City 8346 Stony Point South
D0500 Kansas City 8352 Welborn Elem
D0500 Kansas City 8319 West Middle
D0500 Kansas City 8313 Whittier Elem
D0500 Kansas City 8323 Wyandotte High
D0501 Topeka Yes 8442 Avondale East Elem
D0501 Topeka 8552 Capital City
D0501 Topeka 8524 Eisenhower Middle School
D0501 Topeka 8469 Hope St Academy Charter Middle
D0501 Topeka 8532 Landon Middle School
D0501 Topeka 8471 Linn Elem
D0501 Topeka 8474 Lundgren Elem
D0501 Topeka 8494 Quincy Elem
D0501 Topeka 8444 Shaner Elem
D0501 Topeka 8504 State Street Elem
D0501 Topeka 8512 Whitson Elem
D0503 Parsons Yes 8594 Parsons Middle School
D0503 Parsons 8596 Parsons Sr High
D0511 Attica Yes 8764 Attica High
D0512 Shawnee Mission Yes 8784 Bluejacket-Flint
D0512 Shawnee Mission 8793 Comanche Elem
D0512 Shawnee Mission 8880 Indian Woods Middle
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