A New Charter School for KCK

The Maurice R. Holman Academy of Excellence opened its doors recently. It’s the first charter school in Kansas City, Kansas.

Correct that. It’s the first charter school OF the KCK district.

Odd, yes. In most states, charter schools are independent public schools that have been authorized by the state board of education, a four-year college or a state board of education for charter schools. In other words, they stand as separate organizations, serving students with the same legal independence that traditional school districts have.

But in Kansas, charter schools aren’t independent. They’re legal and financial creatures of the school district that agrees to permit them to exist. In other words, they’re a gussied-up version of an alternative school.

Not exactly the model of what makes some charter schools work so well elsewhere.

As for the new school,

“According to a press release from the district, the mission of the school is “to provide self-paced, performance-based learning with an emphasis on core knowledge, civic responsibility and entrepreneurship.”

Source: Charter school up and running, Kansas City Kansan.

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