Funding for Cyberschools

Cyberschools, or schools that primarily use online technology, are one exciting addition to the education landscape. But they’re somewhat controversial, since some of the money sent to brick-and-mortar schools end up with the cyberschools. (Of course. Cyberschools don’t have the usual expenses of traditional schools, but they do have expenses nonetheless.)

The Commonwealth Foundation addresses the fact that in Pennsylvania, cyberschools are under fire.

Cyber schools cost significantly less per pupil than district-run schools.  While school districts spend over $13,300 per pupil, cyber schools received $8,700, on average, for each student—a difference of nearly $5,000 per pupil. In addition, the state reimburses school districts for 30% of the cost of charter schools (including cyber schools).  In other words, school districts keep more than half of their per-pupil costs for each child they no longer educate.

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