More Federal Money

From the Lawrence Journal-World comes word that Kansas schools will get some federal funding:

The U.S. Department of Education announced that $301 million is now available for Kansas under the federal economic stimulus program.

“The $301 million Kansas will receive today is part of the single largest boost in education funding in recent history,” U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan said.

The article also contains some interesting but not complete information:

Lawmakers cut per-pupil spending for public schools from $4,433 to $4,280. The federal funding was needed to get per pupil funding to that $4,280 level, said Deputy Education Commissioner Dale Dennis

That’s $47 per student, or a 1.1 percent decrease. When state taxpayers are losing their jobs, that’s not a very large haircut. And it’s even less when you consider that the $4,280 is not all of the state money that school districts get. That’s just the base amount. They also get money for being too small, being too big, having students who are from poor families, and so forth.

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