Open Public Records

Sherry Chisenhall, an editor at the Wichita Eagle, comments the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy for its determination to bring to light public county records. The Center has meet resistance from some counties in its efforts to secure some records.  (For background, see this PDF file from the Center’s web site.)

Chisenhall says, in part:

A reader left a voice mail for me late last week, asking me to share some thoughts on a project by the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy that sought property tax records from 105 Kansas counties. The gist of the message was that the organization didn’t really have a right to the records — or was doing something wrong by “raising a stink” at being denied records — because it is not a news organization, but is a think tank that supports a specific point of view.

My reaction: Good for FHC. Doesn’t matter who you are or why you want public records. They’re public. Period.

You can read the rest of her remarks, here. While the records aren’t directly related to education, the principle of disclosure should be followed by schools as well.

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