How Many Teachers Does Your School Employ?

How many employees of your local school districts are actually teachers? Perhaps not as many as you think.

Here’s some information from USD 259:

“Over a period of 12 school years, the number of students per employee has declined from 13.7 to 10.9. In percentage terms, that’s 20.4%. This increasing number of employees, both absolute and in terms of the number of employees per student, is expensive.”

Unless teachers do everything in a school–balance the books, take out the trash, and so forth–it will have non-teacher employees. But how many of such employees does it need?

I suspect that charter schools, as a group, get by with fewer non-teachers. One reason is that they have to actively appeal to parents, who may prefer maximizing the use of teachers over other staff. Another is that they tend to be smaller than traditional public schools.

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