There’s Never Enough, is There?

The state’s largest district, USD 259, votes to sue for more. The best comment from members of the board–who voted 7-0 in favor of taking legal action, came from Lynn Rogers, who said “We can’t keep adding requirements and expect to do that for the same funding.” Combined with the conversation about unencumbered balances and the general fund, it’s logically a call for the Legislature to extend more flexibility to school boards.

Bob Weeks says Kansas schools should not sue. Weeks recommends that schools tap ununcumbered funds and make efficiencies. He also points out to conflicting priorities: “Several legislators have told me that this legislative session shapes up as a battle between schools and the social service agencies. This doesn’t seem helpful and productive.”

Weeks also has comments to the USD 259 board, made by other citizens.  John Todd said “The amount of money you are proposing to spend in this endeavor seems to me to be enough money to pay several full time teachers salaries that could be used to reduce class sizes and help our kids learn.”

Karl Peterjohn pointed out that far from having a smaller budget than last year, USD 259 is proposing a 2 percent increase. And that’s even with the cuts in one funding stream of state aid. He also said he fears a “judicial oligarchy” taking control of Kansas government.

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