Special interests, and extra special interests

Who said this, of a group of school officials who sued the state for cutting back on aid in a time of plummeting tax revenues?

“They’re saying, ‘We’re not special interests, we’re extra special. We’re supposed to get all the money and everybody else can just divide up the crumbs. It’s clear to me they don’t care about anybody but themselves.”

Take a guess, anyone? Kansas House Speaker Mike O’Neal? Another member of the Kansas Legislature? Taxpayer advocate Bob Weeks? Kansas Policy Institute’s president, Dave Trabert? Yours truly?

Nope. Try David Patterson.

Who’s he? The Democratic governor of New York, battling the education lobby after he withheld some state aid to schools in an attempt to “keep the state afloat.”

New York, like Kansas, has been beset by a coalition of school districts that have sued the legislature, seeking more money.

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