You don’t need the KNEA

Many teachers disagree with the politics of the National Education Association or even the chapter in their own state. Yet the remain members, sometimes because they think that’s required to get professional liability insurance. (Sadly, in our day, teachers don’t have the kind of classroom authority they should have, what with courts and lawyers second-guessing them.)

Well, there are alternatives. If you’re a teacher, you might consider joining the Kansas Association of American Educators. It offers liability insurance coverage of $2 million, and dues are low because the organization doesn’t have a large bureaucratic structure focused on political activity. It also offers other forms of insurance or discounts on insurance. Mini-grants give teachers a small amount of funds to try new things.

Here’s how the organization describes itself: “[We are] a professional Kansas teachers’ association that provides an alternative to Kansas teacher unions at a much lower cost. KANAAE demonstrates its commitment to professionalism and respect for its members’ personal beliefs by avoiding partisan politics and non-educational social agendas. KANAAE focuses on advancing the teaching profession through professional development, teacher advocacy and protection, and promoting excellence in Kansas education. Each member receives an individual insurance policy with comprehensive liability and legal protection.

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