State aid for special ed won’t kick in until $36,000

Under state law, school districts get reimbursed by the state if their expenses for a special-education student go over a specified limit. The limit was $25,000. Now it’s $36,000. Kansas Reporter has more.

This will probably give the state some minor relief, and burden districts more. I’m not sure it’s a good idea, especially given that special education has a unique place in education law. For my druthers, I’d rather have more funding go through the state, if it’s accompanied by a version of weighted student funding. (For more on that subject, see Education Week and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.)

Several states, meanwhile, offer an alternative means of funding special education. See, for example, Georgia’s Special Needs Scholarship, Utah’s Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship, and  the Florida McKay Scholarship Program.

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