English-language learners in Kansas: One out of Four Isn’t Bad

How do Kansas schools do in educating “English Language Learners?”


Grade 4:

  • Scale score: 188/203
  • At or above proficient:  6/17 *

Grade 8:

  • Scale score: 219 / 235
  • At or above proficient: 3/5*


Grade 4

  • Scale score: 218/231
  • At or above proficient:  12/21

Grade 8

  • Scale score: 243/260
  • At or above proficient: 5/10*

* Denotes “not significantly different.”


We have found one demographic group in which Kansas schools outperform those of the country at large. English-language learners are much more likely to score “at or above proficient” in the mathematics test of NAEP. But that’s only for the fourth grade, and even then, four out of five students in this group are not at grade level. For the other three tests–reading for grades 4 and 8, and math for grade 8, the percentage of Kansas students scoring “at or above proficient” doesn’t differ significantly (beyond the margin of error, if you will) from that of the country as a whole.

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