The assault on for-profit colleges

Stephen Spruiell reports on a new challenge that for-profit colleges face: an ideological assault by the Obama Administration.

Among the proposals is one to tie participation in student aid programs to the colleges’ success in placing its graduates into jobs.

New rules under discussion at the Department of Education would link a for-profit school’s eligibility for federal funds to its graduates’ debt loads as a percentage of the average starting salaries in their chosen fields, an arbitrary measure that the schools say would restrict their course offerings to just a few programs. Other measures being considered would link eligibility to a 70 percent program-completion rate and a 70 percent in-field-placement rate after graduation — standards the administration would never dream of requiring of traditional universities. (Imagine the Department of Education telling Big State U that 70 percent of its “peace studies” grads must be placed “in field” or it will lose federal funding for the program.)

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