Common standards = politicized, national standards

There’s a move afoot to create a common set of curriculum standards, spearheaded under the name of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. (Kansas is tentatively on board.)

The Cato Institute’s Neal McClusky points out some downsides of the CCSI in this piece, namely the further centralization of education policy.

CCSI is a project of two more acronyms, the NGA (National Governors Association) and CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers).

It’s being marketed as a state-led effort, but don’t buy it, said McClusky: “to hear NGA and CCSSO officials tell it, the standards are the product of completely uncoerced state cooperation. That is at best a half-truth.”


It’s “budgetary blackmail.”

National standards, he continues, will end up being watered down over time, to placate the interests of people who work in schools.

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