High-achieving charter schools

Here’s a list of charter schools that made the Newsweek list of top public schools in the country. Click on this link to open a one-page PDF.  If you’re having computer troubles, here’s an alternate though less-complete listing.

In schools marked with an asterisk (*), more than half the students qualify for free or subsidized school lunches.

BASIS Charter

Sturgis Charter Public

Peak to Peak Charter

Raleigh Charter

MATCH Charter *

Harding Charter Prep *

Animo Venice Charter *

Woods Charter

Charter School of Wilmington

Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy

Mystic Valley Regional Charter

Chamblee Charter

Mater Academy Charter *

Animo Leadership Charter *

Palisades Charter

Oscar de la Hoya Animo Charter *

Pembroke Pines Charter

Animo Inglewood Charter *

Cesar Chavez Charter-Capitol Hill *

Doral Academy Charter *

Charter Oak

Coral Academy of Science Charter

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