How much is enough? “More”

A collection of school districts operating under the name “Schools for Fair Funding” has said it will file suit–again–against the state of Kansas. Why? It wants more money.

To his credit, Gov. Parkinson has taken a dim view of the lawsuit. The Lawrence-Journal World has more.

For further reading, see this series from the Kansas Policy Institute:

History of Education Finance (PDF), which “traces school funding developments, starting at the inception of statehood in 1863 and leading up to the filing of the above-mentioned Montoy lawsuits.”

Analysis of Montoy vs. State of Kansas (PDF), which “provides a detailed examination of the legal and political forces at play during the Montoy litigation. It also identifies existing barriers that prevent or restrict efforts to reform the system.”

Analysis of K-12 Spending in Kansas (PDF), which “identifies how court-mandated funding increases were spent by Kansas school districts and compares per pupil spending across districts.”

What do we want from education? (PDF), which offers a history of conflicts in schooling and offers recommendations for rethinking what we seek to fund for the purpose of education.

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