Kansas standards “clearly inferior,” says CC Booster

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a backer of the common core curriculum project, has evaluated the math and English standards of the states and compared them against the proposed core curriculum. You read its report, The State of State Standards–and the Common Core–in 2010, on the institute’s website.

In English language arts, it gives the common core a B+, and Kansas standards a C. The difference is more dramatic in math: The institute gives the common core an A-, and Kansas standards an F. It says of the math standards, “Kansas’s standards are poorly organized and completely overwhelming. (The K-12 standards document is 348 pages long.) There are serious problems with both elementary and high school.”

The institute did Kansas a service by reviewing the standards. But Kansans ought to be wary of adopting the standards, since doing so would run the risk of increasingly federalizing education.

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