Teacher: I don’t like virtual schools, but they’re necessary

Online learning is coming to Indiana, and a teacher there is resigned to it:

As a classroom teacher, I’m not crazy about online schools. I like to think that I can challenge, question, excite and ignite students in a way no Internet program ever could. I’m also a realist. If Indiana wants to improve high school and college graduation rates, we must make education as flexible as possible. Enter online learning into the landscape.

It’s important to remember that there can be a role for teachers in online schooling. In fact, many online schools employ teachers, who interact with students via phone, e-mail, or chat. In a hybrid scenario, students periodically come into a bricks-and-mortar school to interact with teachers.

For more on homeschooling, see the Kansas Education resource page as well as this archive of blog posts.

By the way, the article mentions homeschoolers. The Home School Legal Defense Association, which many homeschool families belong to, actively discourages one form of online schooling, the virtual charter school: It “strongly cautions homeschoolers against enrolling in virtual charter schools,” saying they are nothing more than miniature versions of public schools that target homeschoolers.

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