Kansas Votes

If you’re looking for information on recent legislative developments, check out Kansas Votes. It’s a great resource. Here’s a link to all the current items on education.

Here’s some of the interesting and potentially significant legislation that was introduced. Most never made it out of committee.

Local spending authority

  • 2010 House Bill 2748 (Increase USD flexibility in spending certain funds)
  • 2010 House Bill 2742 (Allow increased USD local option budgets)

At-risk funding

  • 2009 House Bill 2357 (Verify accurate at-risk student enrollment)
  • 2009 House Bill 2307 (Check family income for “at risk” school funding status)
  • 2009 House Bill 2181 (Earmark at-risk school funds for at-risk student teachers)

School district consolidation

  • 2010 House Bill 2728 (Mandate minimum USD size, uniform accounting)
  • 2010 House Bill 2704 (Reduce low enrollment state aid for some USDs)
  • 2010 House Bill 2627 (Allow USDs to consolidate from three down to two)

Personnel policy

  • 2010 House Bill 2699 (Increase time for teacher job rights to vest)
  • 2010 Senate Bill 355 (Issuing contracts to public school teachers)
  • 2009 Senate Bill 259 (Suspend certain payments into state pension plan)
  • 2009 Senate Bill 209 (Allow licensure program for nontraditional teachers)
  • 2009 Senate Bill 196 (Allow third-party education employers to hire retired KPERS teachers)


  • 2010 Senate Bill 539 (Creation of the Relevant Efficient Academic Learning (REAL) Education Act)

Reporting and accounting

  • 2009 Senate Bill 226 (Publish legislative votes, USD budget data on state website)
  • 2009 House Bill 2239 (Implement statewide USD accounting system)

Lawsuits over school funding

  • 2010 House Concurrent Resolution 5031 (Oppose court-ordered appropriations, taxes for lawsuits)

Funding formulas

  • Several bills would have changed the funding formula for state aid.

Scholarships and tax credits

  • 2010 Senate Bill 404 (Creating an early high school graduation scholarship program)
  • 2009 House Bill 2227 (Initiate autism scholarship program)
  • 2009 Senate Bill 150 (Create college scholarships for government employees, children)
  • 2009 House Bill 2108 (Create state education tax credit tied to federal tax credit)
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