Tutoring for academic gains and profit

Public schools promise an education for everyone, but they don’t always deliver. Hence the rise of for-profit tutoring companies. Here are a few of the largest ones that I’m aware of:

Kumon: Focuses on math and reading. Over 1,300 locations in the United States. I couldn’t get a specific number of locations within Kansas, but there are 5 on the Kansas side of the Kansas City metro area, and one in Wichita.

Sylvan Learning: Six locations in Kansas; 900 company-wide.

Huntington Learning Centers: About 400 nationwide, though none in Kansas or the Kansas City metro.

Mathnasium: The company has 200 locations, including two in Kansas.

Ivy Insiders: It focuses on ACT and SAT test preparation, as well as preparing for AP tests. It has a substantial online presence.

Learning RX: With 70 locations nationwide, and one in Kansas, the company promises to deliver “cognitive skills training.”

The existence of such companies offers several lessons. As I’ve said, is that public schools don’t meet the needs of everyone. It says “we’ll take your taxes and tell you where your child will attend school.” But sometimes, private, voluntary exchanges of money for services fulfill the needs of families. There is, contrary to many in the education establishment, a role for profit.

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