Gubernatorial candidates on K-12 schools

What do the two major party candidates for the office of Kansas governor say about education and K-12 schools?

Sam Brownback, Republican speaks about his views in this video:

Some points from his speech:

1. The Legislature, not the courts, should have primacy.
2. “We’ve got to engage the funding formula,” which is “a major political issue.”
3. “We’ve got to address the reform agenda.”

Tom Holland, the Democratic candidate, has a page on education on his website, which you can see here. He says, in part, “Entrepreneurs will not invest in a community that lacks an educated workforce. That’s why I voted for the three-year $466 million school finance plan increase during the 2006 legislative session.”

Click on each link to learn more. If you have suggestions for other Internet resources that describe the views of each candidate, please leave a comment and I will include them in a new post.

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