USA Today/NBC discover home schooling

USA Today discovers home schooling. A recent article offers several reasons why parents pursue home schooling for their children:

They wish to take the children to visit various countries or part of the U.S., using the world as a classroom.

They wish to spend more time with their children, to have more opportunity to be parents. One homeschooling parent said that when her children were in public schools, “Our time together was squeezed into a few hours in the evening.”

Who pursues homeschooling and why?

Brian D. Ray, founder of the National Home Education Research Institute, said about 2 million children and teens are home-schooled in the United States. In 2003, 20 percent of parents said they chose to home-school their kids for “other reasons” that included “family time” and “travel.” By 2007, that percentage had jumped to 32 percent.

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