KU gets federal grant for testing project

The Center for Education Testing and Evaluation at KU will get $22 million to come up with another means of testing students.

According to the Kansas City Star, “The lead researcher behind the program said he hopes the work will someday transform how public schools test the progress of all students.” It will start out, however, as a program for special-education students.

In addition, says the Star, “Eleven states, including Missouri and Kansas, plan to use the new assessment tool system to gauge how well special education students are learning. Rather than a single test at the end of the year, the system will evaluate how well a student is learning throughout the school year.”

This could be useful, but I’m not sure why there needs to be yet another testing scheme developed. This sounds on the surface like another form of value-added assessment. There are already several such assessments in place, though perhaps the one that KU will develop will be significantly different in some way.

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