Sue your way to … high spending levels

Kansas is developing a new tradition: School districts suing the people, through the Legislature.

The website Kansas Reporter (affiliated, as I am, with the Kansas Policy Institute) has taken note of recent developments. About 60 school districts, or better than 20 percent of all districts in the state–have filed suit. Again. They want another $323 million they say they’re due through past court rulings. Unfortunately for the cause of good government, the rulings are past on one some scholars call the alchemy of “funding adequacy” research. In brief, the districts have (successfully) sold the courts on the idea that there’s a “scientific” method of determining the amount of money required to provide a “suitable” education. To the contrary, though, such decisions are inherently subjective, political, and properly a subject for the Legislature, not the courts.

A follow-up article tells about the members of a 3-judge panel that will hear the lawsuit.

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