A contrary view on the Common Core Standards Initiative

One education reform that most people haven’t heard of is the Common Core Standards Initiative. It’s the latest attempt to improve the educational performance of the nation’s students by establishing legal/administrative expectations of what students learn. In brief, it’s a set of school standards that are coordinated through the National Governors Association, and adopted on a state-by-state basis. Critics argue that this will result in back-door nationalization of what has traditionally been a state-level question.

School Reform News has a short article about the controversy, quoting both sides. Opponents have created a counter-manifesto, titled “Closing the Doors on Innovation.” I’m one of the signatories. You can add your name, too.

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  • Sue Levine  On June 9, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    For my school district in GA, the common core standards will add scope, depth and clarity (when compared to the standards we currently have in place).

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