This web site is about education policy in Kansas and to a lesser extent, in the United States generally. It may touch on higher education from time to time, but its focus is early childhood education through high school.

The author of the KansasEducation is John R. LaPlante, an education policy fellow with the Kansas Policy Institute. He has written about education policy since 2004. His views have been published by news outlets throughout Kansas, including the Dodge City Globe, Kansas City Star, Kansas Liberty, Salina Press, and Wichita Eagle.

The opinions expressed on this blog are his, which means they may not necessarily agree with those of the donors, trustees, or staff of the institute.

The Kansas Policy Institute, formerly known as the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy, is an independent non-profit organization that advocates for free-enterprise solutions to public problems, and the protection of personal freedom.


  • Georgia Martin  On March 31, 2011 at 10:16 am

    can someone please tell me the rule on taking away school credits.My son has unexcused absenses due to not having a doctors note, now the school has failed him in 3 credits , which I now have to appeal ,this was done and decided without my prior notice.
    Now I must go through an appeals process to re-instate his grades ,I must prove he was sick ,not get his credits back if they decide that and/or figure out how he will have to re-take classes all over again.
    Iam having a hard time with this due to the fact the school is supposed to educate my child, he makes good grades and has scored quite well on state assesments and has even earned days off for those tests.Now the school wishes to destroy that by failing him 3 credits, to me I feel this is extreme and a total failure of our educational system, all because I don’t have a doctors note.

  • John R. LaPlante  On March 31, 2011 at 11:14 am

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry to hear of your trouble, but I don’t have any advice to give to you.

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