CF&PS: Standard Reports

Comparative Fiscal and Performance System: Standard Reports

The CP&FS serves as a gateway to a number of standard reports, which are described below.

  1. Assessed valuation. These reports, in Excel format, tell how much property wealth exists in each district. They give numbers for the valuations used for the general fund and LOB (supplemental) fund. The numbers are given on both a total and a per-pupil basis. A report called “Assessed Valuation General Information” gives you the arcane details of how much each type of property is assessed for school tax purposes (most urban property: 30%; vacant lots: 12%, and so forth).
  2. Bonded Indebtedness (School District Bonds)
  3. Certified Personnel
  4. Daycare/Pre-Kindergarten
  5. Dropouts
  6. Expenditures Per Pupil
  7. Free and Reduced Enrollment
  8. Free and Reduced Enrollment
  9. Free and Reduced Enrollment (Non-Public Schools)
  10. Free and Reduced Enrollment (USD Totals)
  11. General State Aid
  12. Graduates
  13. Headcount Enrollment (Non-Public Schools)
  14. Headcount Enrollment (Public Schools)
  15. Kindergarten Formats
  16. Meal Pricing Data
  17. Mill Levies
  18. Non-Certified Personnel
  19. Salaries (Principals)
  20. Salaries (Superintendents)
  21. Salaries (Teachers)
  22. Selected Stats by Building (Pupil/Teacher Ratio)
  23. Selected Stats by District (Pupil/Teacher Ratio)
  24. Summer School (At-Risk)
  25. Summer School (Enhancement)
  26. Summer School (Driver’s Education)
  27. Transportation Data
  28. Transportation Report
  29. Unencumbered Cash Balances for Selected Funds

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