Private School Census

This page gives you information about privately run schools in Kansas.
(published on November 14, 2006)

The KSDE puts schools not run by a government agency into one of two classes: the “accredited nonpublic school” and the “nonaccredited nonpublic schools.” There appears to be no single warehouse of data on all private schools in Kansas; instead, you need to look in several locations.

A good place to start is the 2007-08 Kansas Educational Directory, which has lots of information on Kansas schools. Unfortunately, it’s only in PDF, and in segments. Look in the right-hand column of your screen, and scroll down until you see “Accredited Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary Schools.”

Accredited Nonpublic Schools

During the 2006-07 school year, there were 30,323 students in 138 accredited non-public schools. (List of schools in PDF; summary information, also in PDF)

Nonaccredited nonpublic schools

There are two types of nonaccredited non-public schools. One is what you might call the “organized” private school. Most of these are Christian schools of one sort or another, but Wichita Collegiate (not a religious school) is on the list. Most schools do not report enrollment but you can find a list (PDF) in the Kansas Educational Directory.

The other type of non-accredited non-public school is the home school. There is no comprehensive list for such schools that we can find.

For a look at the laws governing home schools, click here. A “What You Need to Know” page (also in Adobe Acrobat) points out that home schools are not specifically addressed in Kansas law. All schools must register with KSDE, which simply means providing contact information. (It’s possible to register online.) A registered school is not necessarily an accredited one.

Other Resources

The Private School Universe Survey is an interactive database from the National Center for Educational Statistics, a unit of the U.S. Department of Education. The link will take you to a list of private schools in Kansas. Its information is rather old.

Use K-12 School Reports to get information on a specific private school. Select the county and then school. The interface isn’t as pleasing as that for government-run schools, and not all schools are included.

GreatSchool.Net has information about private and public schools

Private School Census

The following link will prompt you to download a PDF file that lists all known private schools in the state. If you have a suggestion or correction to the list, please leave a comment.

Click here for a census of private schools in Kansas


  • Matthew Stewart  On July 18, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Please visit for the most recent information regarding education in Kansas. Most of the weblinks on this page that direct to resources at the old KSDE website (like the Directory) are broken.

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