H. Examples of digital learning in use

Here are some examples of digital schools.


Rocketship Education is a network of charter schools in California, serving elementary students. Its goal is to eliminate the achievement gap.  It is a hybrid model, combining classroom time with computer time. Students who need extra help get tutors. The instructional lab is staffed by attendants–not necessarily teachers–who help students through the work.

School of One is a model currently (6/2011) in use in three schools in New York City, focusing on math.

DSST public schools is a charter-school network operated by the Denver Public Schools, with an emphasis on STEM.

Carpe Diem Collegiate High School is a charter school in Yuma, Arizona.

High tech high runs several charter schools in the San Diego, California area.

Lawrence Virtual School is a program of the Lawrence public schools, using materials and technology from K12.com.

Mostly digital

Florida Virtual School is the largest provider of online learning in the country.

Statewide schools

iQ Academy, a project of KC Distance Learning, offers several statewide schools that are run by  local school districts:

Traditional distance learning, upgraded

The Keystone School started out as a paper-based distance-learning (correspondence) school in 1974. Now it also offers courses online, as well. It is a private school that charges tuition. It is open to students in any state, though it grants a Pennsylvania diploma. It is now a division of KC Distance Learning.


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