K. Organizations

Here are some organizations that are involved with digital learning.


Digital Learning Now was created by Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida and Gov. Bob Wise of West Virginia. It has published “the 10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning.”

International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) is group that includs all sorts of providers of online learning, as well as researchers, vendors, and state education agencies. It conducts research, professional development, networking opportunities, and advocacy for policies regarding online learning.

Kansas State Department of Education. Administers policies governing all public schools in the state, including school districts and public charter schools. As such, it has a role in regulating digital learning.

Online communities

There ought to be some online communities dedicated to the topic of online learning, right? Start with iConnect iLearn, which is heavily though not exclusively populated by educators in Kansas.


The following consultants have experience with digital learning.

The Alvo InstituteIntegrated Educational Strategies, and Evergreen Education Group have all worked with Rocketship Hybrid model of schooling.


Apex Learning sells digital curriculum to school districts for use in secondary schools. Both credit-recovery and AP students take their courses.

Aventa Learning, a division of KC Distance Learning, offers online technologies and classes to schools and school districts.

Compass Learning publishes the Odyssey curriculum but does not actually run online schools.

Connections Academy offers virtual charter schools in a number of states.

K12.com sells to public and private schools. It also owns Kaplan Virtual Education.

Pearson Virtual Learning, an effort of one of the big-three publishers, uses content from the Florida Virtual School.

Plato Learning

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